Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day 44

Artwork by Amanda! Great job Amanda.
  1. Please go to Microtype and go to Keyboarding Skill Building-Lesson A--then click on the next tab past the last pink check mark you have on the bottom. Keep doing each tab in order until you are done with Lesson A. Proceed to Lesson B and do the same thing until you go through every lesson listed.
  2. Please look to your teacher for instructions for a New Hands On Game to help you learn the differences and similarities between an MLA style One-page Report and a Standard Formatting style One-page Report. Get ready to have some fun! Candy included!
  3. Mystery Database: Open the Mystery DB located in the template folder. Open a copy and save immediately. You will receive a handout of some mysteries to solve. Use FIND (magnifiying glass) to solve the mysteries. Please look over the handout before you ask any questions as to how to do this project. Save as MYSTERY DB in your Database folder. (We would prefer if you create a New Folder in your Documents called Databases and then for each new database you create, make a New Folder for it. For example the Mystery DB folder should be inside the Databases folder in your Documents. I will create a video tutorial on how to do this for the next class period. Just carry on the best you can for now until I can give you the video.) PLEASE solve the mysteries. Use the Mystery worksheets to find and solve the mystery. Read the handout very carefully. Please open a new Appleworks word processing document and put your answers there. Save it as Answers to Mystery DB in your Database folder.
  4. Now, open your database that has the information about your classmates. I is called one of the following: Student DB, Class DB, Class P(your period number) DB, or something you chose to call it. Anyway, it is the one where each student moved to each computer and entered data. Open that now and follow these instructions : *Make sure every student has his or her information on your database.
    *Please add a Header. See video below for instructions on what to include in the Header and how to do it.

    *Save As -- PERIOD (put your period number here) CLASS DB. Make sure you save it into a folder called PERIOD ___ CLASS DB.
    *Thats all we will do for now.
  5. If you are done, go back to the other Days and finish any work unfinished.
  6. If you are done early, please go to this game and play it until time is called to clean up.
  7. Should you finish that, please go to this site and do a fun crossword puzzle. Click on Hint if you do not know the answer. Then click enter after you know the word. Check it out. You will see how it works or ask your teacher.
  8. Don't forget to leave your comments for me so I can make your computer class better than ever. Thanks.


Anonymous Claire F. said...

Hey Mrs. Baber. Did you get my other post about Animation? Are we going to learn how to do it. I found out that you did it with your 7th grade class last year, and Mrs. Kirkland didn't teach us that last year.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

Yes, I definately will. I forgot to do that. Please remind me in class and I will get it done.

12:20 PM  

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