Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day 43

This is a picture of Jessica L's kitty cat!
  1. Please go to Microtype and do Keyboarding Skill Building-Lesson A
  2. Open your book to page 161. Read silently from page 161-162. Observe page 162 to see how your project should look today. The header, source and citations should all be the same as page 162. Now do Project 15. You will open WP015 from the Starting Points > Templates tab in Appleworks just like you did last class period. (see movie for details) Save as STWP015.
  3. Now, please take the handout of a Venn Diagram. We will now compare an MLA style one-page report (pg. 145) and a standard formatting style one-page report (pg. 150). Take your handout, gather up in groups of two, open your books to page 145 and 150 (your have two in the group so each one open to one or the other page), and write down the similarites in the center of your Venn Diagram and the differences in the appropriate spaces. Your teacher can help guide you through this.
  4. Mystery Database: Open the Mystery DB located in the template folder. Open a copy and save immediately. You will receive a handout of some mysteries to solve. Use FIND (magnifiying glass) to solve the mysteries. Please look over the handout before you ask any questions as to how to do this project. Save as MYSTERY DB in your Database folder. (We would prefer if you create a New Folder in your Documents called Databases and then for each new database you create, make a New Folder for it. For example the Mystery DB folder should be inside the Databases folder in your Documents. I will create a video tutorial on how to do this for the next class period. Just carry on the best you can for now until I can give you the video.) PLEASE solve the mysteries. Use the Mystery worksheets to find and solve the mystery. Read the handout very carefully. Please open a new Appleworks word processing document and put your answers there. Save it as Answers to Mystery DB in your Database folder.
  5. If you are done, go back to the other Days and finish any work unfinished.
  6. 5. If you are done early, please go to this game and play it until time is called to clean up.


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