Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 42

Mrs. Baber's family at the beach. Which one is she? Do you want to put a picture, poem, or video on the class site? Bring Mrs. Baber "stuff" to put on YOUR page. Thanks
  1. Please do your Weather Database first today.
  2. Please read directions below before beginning today's warmup. After reading the information below, complete Project 9 on page 152. Listen to audioblog at the end of the directions for instructions on how to do Project 9. Open your Glencoe Computer Applications and Keyboarding Book to page 150. Notice the formatting in the one-page report shown on the page. This is another acceptable format for reports. We already learned how to do MLA style one-page reports. Now we will learn a standard business format. We will compare the two styles a little later this week but for now we will type and format a one-page report in standard business format one-page report and practice using find and replace.
  • Standard Business Format - See formatting tips on page 151. See example on page 150.
  • Find and Replace - allows you to replace a word or group with a different word or group of words. If you are typing a report and use one word over and over, you can abbreviate it while you type, then go back and "find and replace" it with the full word later.
Okay, now that you understand what we are learning today, lets get started. Open
Appleworks 6, open Starting Points, Templates, and find WP009. Double click it, click on Open a copy, go to File, Save, and save it in your Word Processing folder in your
Documents as STWP009. Now, follow the instructions given on page 152. To see what
STWP009 should look like when it is done, Click Here.Here is the audio instruction for today's one-page report lesson.

3. Next, we will learn all about Reports. Just what you wanted to do today. Right? I know you are anxious to get started, so here we go. While learning the process of creating reports, it is necessary to know the words we will use to describe what we need you to do. On page 144 (which is section 8) of the textbook there is a list of Words to Know. Today you need to read pages 150 and 151 and find the meaning to the following words:
  1. Title,
  2. Subtitle,
  3. Byline,
  4. Body, and
  5. Find and Replace.
Now here is a step-by-step procedure for how to type the definitions of the words numbered above:
  • Open a new document in Appleworks and create two columns. I personally like to open a Drawing document and use text tool to create two text fields as columns. Then you can move them around by clicking on the arrow tool and sliding the text box around. FEEL FREE to do this any way you like.
  • On the left side type the word and on the right side type the meaning.
  • At the bottom of the page not in columns, type the Formatting Tips that are listed on page 151. If you are using a Drawing doc, you can create any shape you like then put a text field inside it to type the tips.
  • You will save this document as Section 8 Notes in your Documents.
4. Great job. And now we will finish the day's objectives by finishing the Database assignment given on Day 41. Below is a copy of the directions for that assigment. understand that we want you to read the directions at the same time as you listen to the audio instructions. So.. here it is, plain and simple: PLEASE understand that we want you to read the directions at the same time as you listen to the audio instructions. So.. here it is, plain and simple:
  • Open an Appleworks Database
  • Open the directions for the assignment below.
  • Put on headphones and listen to the audio.
  • After listening to the audio and setting up the database by filling in all the fields, continue to READ the directions and do what it tells you to do. Part of this assignment is learning to read and follow directions. Please raise your hand and ask your teacher if you have any questions.

  • Now here are the directions and audio instructions repeated from Day 41: We will begin a new database today. Listen to the audio below while looking at the directions. Click here for directions for a Student Database Practice. Before we begin, please start a New Folder in your documents called StudentDBPractice. Then save the database you create as Studen DB Practice in your Student DB Practice folder. Please listen to the audio below for detailed instructions. Please have the directions up on the screen before you start. Also, remember you can pause the audio as you go or slide the fader back or hit rewind and start over to repeat the audio instructions. Don't forget that the Apple+ will increase the size of the text on a webpage. If the directions are too small for you to see, hit Apple + .These are directions for your class database. Please follow instructions and then do the project.
5. If you are done early, please go to this game and play it until time is called to clean up.


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