Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 41

Mrs. Baber in her first professional touring band!
The name of the band was The Buffalo Chipkickers.
  1. Please open your Weather DB. Now please go to the Weather Data link on the right hand side bar of this page to enter the data on your weather data. Save and close when done.
  2. We will now take the Computer Technology 8 Midterm Exam. . You must sign in using your user name and password. Please CLICK HERE to take your exam and good luck. When you are done, go to the next assignment.
  3. We will begin a new database today. Listen to the audio below while looking at the directions. Click herefor directions for a Student Database Practice. Before we begin, please start a New Folder in your documents called StudentDBPractice. Then save the database you create as Studen DB Practice in your Student DB Practice folder. Please listen to the audio below for detailed instructions. Please have the directions up on the screen before you start. Also, remember you can pause the audio as you go or slide the fader back or hit rewind and start over to repeat the audio instructions. Don't forget that the Apple+ will increase the size of the text on a webpage. If the directions are too small for you to see, hit Apple + .These are directions for your class database. Please follow instructions and then do the project.

  4. If you are done early, please go to this game and play it until time is called to clean up.


Anonymous Huckleberry Finn said...

Cool site

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

exams were hard and BORING

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who in the world used the name huckleberry finn?

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