Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 39

1. We are currently getting ready for our exams next week. The exam dates are scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th and Thursday, January 12th. Please take home the study guide or go on line and take the practice test until you can ace the exam!

Please sign up for your Quia student account now. Go the link below for your class period and follow directions to sign up. Please use your first initial and last name as a user name, your password used to log on to your computer, and your first and last name. The email can be your real email or you can make one up for now. We will provide you with one soon and you can change this entry later. Use your first initial and last name @ for now. (for example When you are done signing up for a free student account, please come back to this page and click on the practice test link above. Thanks!
Baber - P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8
Shank - P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8

We will also be working on Databases. The Fantasy Wheel database (click on Fantasy Wheel DB in the Classwork website for directions) should be done and we are starting our class Student Databases now. See directions below.

2. Create a Student DB. Put no spaces in when filling in because that affects sorts!
Field names are IN ALL CAPS:

3. Do practice 1-3 on your own as follows:

In practice 1, you will switch between the database views.
  • Choose Browse from the Layout menu. To highlight a record, click in the record's area and the whole record will highlight.
  • Choose Layout from the Layout menu
  • Choose Find from the Layout menu.
  • Choose List from the Layout menu. To highlight, click on the small square to the left of the record you wish to highlight.
In practice 2, you will add and delete a record.
  • Choose List from the Layout menu. Fill in one record with your own information. To add a record, choose New Record from the Edit menu.
  • To delete a record, highlight a record to be deleted or place the cursor in any field in the record to be deleted and choose Delete Record from the Edit menu. Please add a record, put your information in it again, then delete the record.
In practice 3, you will slit a database screen.
  • To view two different parts of a very large database at the same time, we will split the screen. Sections of a split screen we call panes. To split the screen, click and hold your mouse pointer above and a little to the left the vertical scroll bar. Click and hold and drag the mouse down about halfway on your screen. Now you can scroll down to two different places in your database.
  • Click Here to see the movie on how to do this.
  • Please split your screen now.
Save your work as Student in a new folder called Student in your Documents.
If you need a quick review, please Click here -- then click on the items you are not sure how to do. For example, if you do not know how to use "find" in a database, click on the link called "The Find Function". Read all about it. When you are done looking over the site and its tutorials, create the Class Student Database.

4. Go to the Quia webpage . Click on Jefferson Lab. Choose 20 Questions on 8th grade Technology.


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