Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Day 35

  1. Please log out and go to Microtype to do a 10 minute warmup.
  2. Please do your weather database. The data is on the sidebar..
  3. Go to THIS SITE and watch all five tutorial videos on Appleworks 5 Databases.
  4. Please do the sorts and searches listed below in bullets on your Weather Database. Save each sort and search with a name that I will recognize... i.e. HighTemp>80. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

    Please remember to click on OPTIONS, show all records before starting a new search or sort. Otherwise you won't have all the records up to do a search or sort.
To get started, please copy and paste the bulleted items below to a Microsoft Word document. That is the blue W in in your Dock. Save it as Answers to Weather DB in a new folder in your Documents called Weather DB. To create a new folder, click on Documents in your Finder, then click on File, New, New Folder and rename it when it first shows up as Untitled. You will save all your items for this exercise in this folder.
  • How Many days had the high temp > 80? Tip..use search and type >80 next to HIGH TEMP
  • How many days had the low temp less than 30?
  • How many days had cloudy skies? Tip..use search and choose CLOUDY from the drop down box
  • How many days had rain as precipitation?
  • Sort these records by high temp, ascending order. Tip..use sort and click on HIGH TEMP, move, and click on ascending then store.
  • How many days had a record high > 95 Tip..use search and type 95 next to HIGH TEMP
  • Sort these records by record low, ascending order.Tip..keep the above search up and go to sort, click on record low, move, and click on ascending... then store.


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