Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 34

  1. Do not watch video above called Creating Certificates until you complete steps #1,2, and 3 in this lesson. First, we will begin with Microtype as warmups. That can be found by logging out and then logging in to Microtype. The password to get in Microtype is type. After that, find your name and type in your usual Password. Begin by taking the speed test. Just follow the directions on the screen. After that click on the Keyboarding Skill Builder and begin with lesson A. You will do all of lesson A then begin lesson B, etc.
  2. Do your Weather DB. Click on the link to the right of this message on the sidebar that says Weather Data for your weather data.
  3. ClICK HERE to retake the Desktop Publishing test. The pictures are now correct. Please review the names of all the drawing palettes on Appleworks before you begin. You can do this by opening an Appleworks Drawing document then letting your mouse rollover each option in your toolbox. The name of the palettes and buttons will come up if you leave your mouse on the paletter or button. Then begin the test.
  4. Now listen and watch the video on this page called Creating a Certificate. Follow directions and begin your lesson by going to page 288 and making a certificate exactly like the one in the book. After you are done, Click Here for directions to create another Certificate.
  5. Today we will begin a new unit on Databases. We will begin by filling out a handout on Databases. Please get out a pencil and follow along. After we are done you will be working with your weather database as well as creating new databases. At this time, please Click Here (this link is not up yet) if you need to see an online copy of the handout. Let's get started.


Anonymous Samantha T said...

Hey Mrs. Baber,
Whats up? Well I just thought that I would say hi and that I REALLY want my screen name please!!!! Well yeah I got to go buh bye!!

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Amy F said...

hey the video thing was really hard to hear even with the volume all the all up

7:42 AM  

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