Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day 37

Christmas Card to you from Mrs. Baber... drawing by me!

1. Create a new file for December. Warmup R.
2. Catch up on your Weather DB
3. Technology News. Get Technology news from http://www.techreview.com/fotd_popup.asp or go to http://news.google.com/ and type in computers
4. Demonstrate Find, list, browse, show all records, sort, and match using the Weather DB.
5. Go over DB worksheet
6. Open Appleworks 6. Click on the tab at the bottom that says Templates. Open up Fantasy Wheels DB from the Template folder.
7. Answer the Fantasy Wheels DB questions
8. Create a class Student DB. Put no spaces when fill in because that affects sorts!
Field names are IN ALL CAPS:
9. Do practice 1-3 on own.
10. Go to the Quia webpage at http://www.quia.com/pages/sol8.html
Click on Jefferson Lab. Choose 20 Questions on 8th grade Technology.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Day 36

1. Do a 10 minute warmup in Microtype...
2. Enter your Data in your Weather DB
3. Create a Middle East Database as described in the directions link below. You will be using information found on the Google Search to fill in the database. Save as
MiddleEastDatabase. Please CLICK HERE for exact directions to create your database. ALL OF these entries should be entered as text except per.cap.inc. and it is numbers. To see a FULL PICTURE OF ALL DATABASE FIELDS YOU NEED TO INCLUDE ON YOUR DATABASE, CLICK HERE. It is two pages so be sure to click on both pages to see all the fields you should include in your Middle East Database. After creating the Database, go to the Google Search or Google Advanced Search to begin filling in your data.Type in the name of the country and what you want to know.. For example. Type in Nigeria Annual Growth Rate for one of the questions.
Below are pictures you can click on to see the db as well. They are page one and page two.

Listen to this Recording about Exams..

Please listen to this important reminder about exams. Please excuse the noise.. I recorded this in my car!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Day 35

  1. Please log out and go to Microtype to do a 10 minute warmup.
  2. Please do your weather database. The data is on the sidebar..
  3. Go to THIS SITE and watch all five tutorial videos on Appleworks 5 Databases.
  4. Please do the sorts and searches listed below in bullets on your Weather Database. Save each sort and search with a name that I will recognize... i.e. HighTemp>80. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

    Please remember to click on OPTIONS, show all records before starting a new search or sort. Otherwise you won't have all the records up to do a search or sort.
To get started, please copy and paste the bulleted items below to a Microsoft Word document. That is the blue W in in your Dock. Save it as Answers to Weather DB in a new folder in your Documents called Weather DB. To create a new folder, click on Documents in your Finder, then click on File, New, New Folder and rename it when it first shows up as Untitled. You will save all your items for this exercise in this folder.
  • How Many days had the high temp > 80? Tip..use search and type >80 next to HIGH TEMP
  • How many days had the low temp less than 30?
  • How many days had cloudy skies? Tip..use search and choose CLOUDY from the drop down box
  • How many days had rain as precipitation?
  • Sort these records by high temp, ascending order. Tip..use sort and click on HIGH TEMP, move, and click on ascending then store.
  • How many days had a record high > 95 Tip..use search and type 95 next to HIGH TEMP
  • Sort these records by record low, ascending order.Tip..keep the above search up and go to sort, click on record low, move, and click on ascending... then store.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 34

  1. Do not watch video above called Creating Certificates until you complete steps #1,2, and 3 in this lesson. First, we will begin with Microtype as warmups. That can be found by logging out and then logging in to Microtype. The password to get in Microtype is type. After that, find your name and type in your usual Password. Begin by taking the speed test. Just follow the directions on the screen. After that click on the Keyboarding Skill Builder and begin with lesson A. You will do all of lesson A then begin lesson B, etc.
  2. Do your Weather DB. Click on the link to the right of this message on the sidebar that says Weather Data for your weather data.
  3. ClICK HERE to retake the Desktop Publishing test. The pictures are now correct. Please review the names of all the drawing palettes on Appleworks before you begin. You can do this by opening an Appleworks Drawing document then letting your mouse rollover each option in your toolbox. The name of the palettes and buttons will come up if you leave your mouse on the paletter or button. Then begin the test.
  4. Now listen and watch the video on this page called Creating a Certificate. Follow directions and begin your lesson by going to page 288 and making a certificate exactly like the one in the book. After you are done, Click Here for directions to create another Certificate.
  5. Today we will begin a new unit on Databases. We will begin by filling out a handout on Databases. Please get out a pencil and follow along. After we are done you will be working with your weather database as well as creating new databases. At this time, please Click Here (this link is not up yet) if you need to see an online copy of the handout. Let's get started.