Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Day 33

  1. Today we will begin with Microtype as warmups. That can be found by logging out and then logging in to Microtype. The password to get in Microtype is type. After that, find your name and type in your usual Password. Begin by taking the speed test. Just follow the directions on the screen. After that click on the Keyboarding Skill Builder and begin with lesson A. You will do this for the first 10 minutes of class.
  2. Do your Weather DB now. The database is on the right side of this screen in the sidebar. Save and close when done.
  3. Now we will take a test on Desktop Publishing. The test will be in two parts. One part will be a multiple choice test on the computer. The other part will be to create a flyer following my handout's instructions. YOU MUST do everything exactly as the directions ask you to do. I will give you the handout after finishing the first part. Raise your hand when you are done. Now let's begin with the multiple choice test. Please Click Here to take your test.
  4. When you are done with both parts of your test, please finish any work that is incomplete. See the link on the sidebar that says " Classwork" for a full list of the work due.
  5. When done with everything, please go to the Sol Test site and take the Science 5th grade Sol test. Click here to take the 5th Grade Science SOL test.


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