Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 27

This is the audio portion of Day 27. Please see Day 27 for today's written instructions.

Drawing by Mr. Phillips

  1. Open a new Word Processing document. Please type The Veteran's Day paper that is on your stand. We will be keying this as your first warmup. Save it as Veteran's Day. To place clip art, please go to and click on Images. Then enter "Veterans Day" and click search. Now be sure your tool box is open on your Word Processing Document and make sure your arrow pointer is clicked on. Then drag an image you like from the to your document. (you have to be able to see both google and your document before attempting to drap the image)If you had the arrow pointer on, the image will have handles around it. You can move the image to upper right hand corner of the document. Then click Options > Text Wrap> Regular (or Irregular) > OK. The text should wrap around your image. Save and close your work.
  2. Key your Weather DB. Click
    here for weather data.
  3. Please key Warmup K in your November file.

  4. Please Click here to see Classwork due. and check to be sure you have all the Classwork done I have assigned for this class. After checking to be sure you are done with all the Classwork, you may go to Glencoe software in your dock and play games, World Book in your dock, or go to the SOL site for more games and tests.


Anonymous madelinew said...

I loved class today because finally we got to do our own stuff whenever we wanted. I like when we get to go off by ourselves and finish whatever we need to do. I hope we get to do more stuff like this. Thanks a whole lot really enjoyed class today. Also I love how you can put the different pictures up everyday.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

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9:18 AM  
Anonymous RaneeS said...

I think that class went fairly well today since we got almost everything done in class today. I also like the pictures that you put up because they just make class more exciting not knowing what pictures are going 2 appear each day.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Jessica Blosser said...

I love computer class I look forward tocoming to class every day. I like class because we can go off and do our own thing when we are finished with our work. I like the way you post pictures on the web page and I think your dog is really cute

9:56 AM  
Anonymous SarahC said...

I love the how we did the veterans day thing today.
One other thing I love about this class is that after we learn somehing Mrs. Baber lets us go off and do the project again by ourselves. It gives us a chance to be creative and to express ourselves. kepp up the good work Mrs.B

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i liked this class today we got to do stuff on our own . it was fun i hope we get to do more stuff like this is the future. thanks a lot!

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Baber said...

Why Thank you everyone for your comments. I welcome and value your opinions. I think learning can be a collaborative effort, not just a teacher talking and students listening! Lets keep communicating about our learning.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous amber h said...

i think that you should let us do alot of stuff on our own and let us do the things that we need to do in your class like a make up day at least once everyweek and i really want you to do that because i think that it would help for us and it sould really improve our class with everyone's grade and give us some slack!!!

7:42 AM  

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