Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 25

Hey class, check out this new eCommunication tool I set up for you to use. You can ask questions, share ideas, or brainstorm on class projects. Click here to see!

I am also experimenting with adding videos to your class page. This is a video of drive we took on Skyline Drive yesterday. You do not have to watch it since it is an experiment. Please start "Warmup I" today on your November files. I will call time when ten minutes is up.

Today we will continue to work on Letterhead One (replicate the letterhead on page 111 in the 7th Grade Book in an Appleworks Draw program. Save it as Letterhead One) and Letterhead Two (create a letterhead for a company you may own or work for one day.. Save it as Letterhead Two) Instructions for both of these projects is on Day 22.

We will also do our business cards today. The instructions we will follow are on Day 24. I will guide you through this exercise.

If you finish the letterheads and business cards, please begin or continue working on the Drawing Practice.
Click here for Drawing Practice!