Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day 24

1. Warmup I--Open November file. Begin keying when the bell rings and key for
10 minutes.When 10 minutes have passed, save file and close.

2. Enter data in your Weather DB--click
here for data

3. After you finish Letterhead Two, you will begin making Business Cards. A
business card has to contain additional information about each person.

4. Follow the following instructions to create a Business Card:

1. Use Print Shop Deluxe Companion--find it in your Dock!

2. Click on Business Card--Wide--No Back Drop-- No Layout
3. Copy and Paste Letterhead Two into Print Shop
4. Add the following information to the business card: (Save as Business

Name and title of person

Address/phone number of person

Fax #
Email address
Slogan/saying of the company
Grading For Business Card is as follows: (Total possible points --37)

Copy/Paste Letterhead -- 10 points
Name--5 points
Title--5 points
Address--5 points
Phone # --5 points
FAX/email -- 5 points
Slogan -- 2 points

Click here for Drawing Practice.

6. If time, go to SOL Website.