Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Day 33

  1. Today we will begin with Microtype as warmups. That can be found by logging out and then logging in to Microtype. The password to get in Microtype is type. After that, find your name and type in your usual Password. Begin by taking the speed test. Just follow the directions on the screen. After that click on the Keyboarding Skill Builder and begin with lesson A. You will do this for the first 10 minutes of class.
  2. Do your Weather DB now. The database is on the right side of this screen in the sidebar. Save and close when done.
  3. Now we will take a test on Desktop Publishing. The test will be in two parts. One part will be a multiple choice test on the computer. The other part will be to create a flyer following my handout's instructions. YOU MUST do everything exactly as the directions ask you to do. I will give you the handout after finishing the first part. Raise your hand when you are done. Now let's begin with the multiple choice test. Please Click Here to take your test.
  4. When you are done with both parts of your test, please finish any work that is incomplete. See the link on the sidebar that says " Classwork" for a full list of the work due.
  5. When done with everything, please go to the Sol Test site and take the Science 5th grade Sol test. Click here to take the 5th Grade Science SOL test.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Day 32

Hello Class, Please follow the direction below for today's lesson.
  1. Do Warmup P. You will type for 10 minutes. I will call time after 10 minutes. Begin immediately and please obey all class rules.
  2. Do your Weather Database. The data can be found on the right hand sidebar of this webpage.
  3. We will study for our Desktop Publishing Test next class period. Take home your notes and be sure you bring them back to put back in your folder. It is your responsiblity to make sure they are returned to the proper place.

  • Please get out your Desktop Publishing study guides. You should have two. One which is stapled together and consists of two pages and one which says: Desktop Publishing Study Guide #2. We will review these pages together.
  • Go to the following website to play Desktop Publishing Study Guide Games. Please CLICK HEREto get to the site THEN scroll down until you see "Desktop Publishing". Please do ALL the games listed or as your teacher dictates. You can also get to the site by clicking on the Computer TEchnology 8 Quia Website link on the right hand sidebar on this webpage.

4. IF we get done studying for our Test, you may finish your Menu. Thanks and have a great

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This is Period 8 working on their Menu. Please finish your menu today if you have not already done so. Thanks!

A drive on the Skyline

Happy Thanksgiving... be thankful for everything.. its all a blessing.

Day 31

  1. Please do your Warmup O and type it in your November file.
  2. Please enter data in your Weather DB... Side bar link
  3. Continue to work on your Menu's both inside and outside. See Day 29.
  4. Please check to see if your Postcards are finished.
  5. Check to make sure all your work is done from your Classwork link on the side bar of this site (look to the right)
  6. Please take home your Desktop Publishing study guides. There is a test next week.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Grading for Menu

Please see below for your Menu Grading details. You have a total of 55 points you can get for an A+.... make sure you have done all the items listed below correctly. Thank you!!


2 Headlines - Name of Restaurant 10 pt
one inside/ one outside

5 categories - 25 pt
appetizers entree
salads side order
5 pt each category of 5 with prices

Graphic on outside 5 pt

Address 5 pt

Phone Number 5 pt

Layout - 5 pt
Border on inside
TOTAL 55 pt

Friday, November 18, 2005

Day 30

  1. Please key Warmup N in your November file. Keep keying until I call time in 10 minutes.
  2. Do the Weather DB-- the link is in the side bar of this site (look to the right side of the screen)
  3. Please see Day 29 for today's lesson on Menus. We will do the Outside of Menu today.
  4. Please check with the Classwork site on the sidebar to see if you have missing work for this Six Week Grading Period.
  5. If you get done with EVERYTHING, you may go to World Book, Glencoe Software, or the SOL site and play games there only. The link for SOL is on the side bar as well.

Day 29

  1. Please key Warmup M today. I will call time in 10 minutes.
  2. Do you Weather Database. See Links Bar on the right side of this site for a link.
  3. Open your Postcard from last class. Please complete your Postcard. See Day 28 for directions.
  4. Today we will begin a new project. Pretend you just bought a restaurant. We will create a restaurant menu for your new restaurant. Where have you seen a menu you think is good looking? Lets make a menu using Print Shop Deluxe . Here we go....

Use: PRINT SHOP--SAFARI--APPLE 6 DRAW--GOOGLE.COM/type in --restaurant menu

  • 4 categories of food
SALADS SIDES----------Center
  • Minimum of 5 items under each category------text block
  • Include prices with no dollar signs--- example 5.95
  • Use smaller print
  • Use vertical rule, horizontal rule, border, mini borders to dress up the inside
  • On right half COPY--PASTE picture of RESTAURANT or LOGO
  • On left half list 5 DESSERTS with PRICES
  • List the address and the phone number on this page

Monday, November 14, 2005

Day 28

  • Open Print Shop Deluxe Companion
  • Click on Postcard>Wide>Blank>No Layout. BE SURE to click on Back of Postcard to begin. This is located on the bottom left hand side of the Print Shop Screen.
  • Save as Postcard in your Documents.
  • Go to Safari and type in the address bar.
  • Type the country or city and country you want to use in the search window
  • Click on IMAGES.
  • Drag and drop two images of choice to a new Appleworks Drawing Document which you will save as "Postcard Pictures"
  • Now copy and paste each picture from the Appleworks Drawing Document into the Print Shop Deluxe Companion Postcard you are creating.
  • You must add the following to complete the back of the postcard:
  1. Two pictures which you cut and pasted into your postcard
  2. One sentence about each picture.Type it like your telling a friend about the picture..for ex. "Tomorrow we will be visiting the Great Wall of China"
  3. Now Go to
  4. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find your country and click on it.
  5. Scroll down till you find LOCATION. Type the location exactly as you see it on the webpage but make it sound like you are telling a friend about where you are. ie. "Brazil is in Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean."
  6. Now write two more sentences. One sentence should tell the climate and the other sentence should tell the Area Comparative. Both can be found here.
  • Add the following to the FRONT of the Postcard:
  1. Put one text block in the upper left hand corner and type your return address there using regular text, not script font, Size Small
  2. Put one text block in the lower right hand corner and type your friend's name and address in a MEDIUM text. Again, you do not have to use script.
  3. Put a text block in the lower left hand corner and type a minimum of five sentences in script font size Extra Small such as Signature. Tell your friend what a good time your having, when you are coming home, what else you may do while you are there etc.
  4. Add a stamp and a postcript . I will instruct you on how to do this but if you feel adventurous and want to do this by yourself follow these instructions:
  • Using your Tool Box, click in the upper right hand box. There you will find a Square Graphic. Please click on that now.
  • Now Double Click the box.
  • Click on Change Libraries
  • Click on the little arrow for the drop down box and click on Desktop--Macintosh HD--Applications -Mac OS 9--Print Shop Deluxe--Libraries-- and scroll down until you see PSDC Stamps. Click ok. Pick a stamp and put it in the upper right hand corner.
  • NOw Add another Square Graphic. Place it partially over the stamp.
  • Double click the grey square graphic and change libraries just as you did above but this time pick PSDC Postmarks. Pick a postmark and place it over or near the stamp. A postmark is what the Post Office stamps over your stamp to prove it was sent through them.
  • If you wish to slightly rotate your postmark to look more realistic. select your postmark, click on Option in the menu bar, click on Rotate, and change the skew...
SAVE AS POSTCARD in your Documents!

The grading for POSTCARDS will be as follows:
39 Possible Points

10--2 photos

3--sentence explaining photo

3--sentence explaining photo

4--facts about country

3--return address (name)

5--paragraph to friend


3--spelling--script font

Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 27

This is the audio portion of Day 27. Please see Day 27 for today's written instructions.

Drawing by Mr. Phillips

  1. Open a new Word Processing document. Please type The Veteran's Day paper that is on your stand. We will be keying this as your first warmup. Save it as Veteran's Day. To place clip art, please go to and click on Images. Then enter "Veterans Day" and click search. Now be sure your tool box is open on your Word Processing Document and make sure your arrow pointer is clicked on. Then drag an image you like from the to your document. (you have to be able to see both google and your document before attempting to drap the image)If you had the arrow pointer on, the image will have handles around it. You can move the image to upper right hand corner of the document. Then click Options > Text Wrap> Regular (or Irregular) > OK. The text should wrap around your image. Save and close your work.
  2. Key your Weather DB. Click
    here for weather data.
  3. Please key Warmup K in your November file.

  4. Please Click here to see Classwork due. and check to be sure you have all the Classwork done I have assigned for this class. After checking to be sure you are done with all the Classwork, you may go to Glencoe software in your dock and play games, World Book in your dock, or go to the SOL site for more games and tests.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day 26

1. Please Key your Text Wrap as a Warmup today Save as Text Wrap. If finished early, type Warmup J in your November Appleworks file. I will call time in 10 minutes.Both sheets can be found on your stands.

2. Click here for weather data.

3. Finish your Letterhead One of the Software Connections company on page 111 in the 7th grade book.

4. Business Cards.. We will finish Business Cards today. See Day 24 for more information.

5. We will work on Drawing Practices today to make sure you are very good at working with Drawing and Painting tools. See Day 25 for the Drawing Practice link or get a sheet from Mrs. Baber.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 25

Hey class, check out this new eCommunication tool I set up for you to use. You can ask questions, share ideas, or brainstorm on class projects. Click here to see!

I am also experimenting with adding videos to your class page. This is a video of drive we took on Skyline Drive yesterday. You do not have to watch it since it is an experiment. Please start "Warmup I" today on your November files. I will call time when ten minutes is up.

Today we will continue to work on Letterhead One (replicate the letterhead on page 111 in the 7th Grade Book in an Appleworks Draw program. Save it as Letterhead One) and Letterhead Two (create a letterhead for a company you may own or work for one day.. Save it as Letterhead Two) Instructions for both of these projects is on Day 22.

We will also do our business cards today. The instructions we will follow are on Day 24. I will guide you through this exercise.

If you finish the letterheads and business cards, please begin or continue working on the Drawing Practice.
Click here for Drawing Practice!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day 24

1. Warmup I--Open November file. Begin keying when the bell rings and key for
10 minutes.When 10 minutes have passed, save file and close.

2. Enter data in your Weather DB--click
here for data

3. After you finish Letterhead Two, you will begin making Business Cards. A
business card has to contain additional information about each person.

4. Follow the following instructions to create a Business Card:

1. Use Print Shop Deluxe Companion--find it in your Dock!

2. Click on Business Card--Wide--No Back Drop-- No Layout
3. Copy and Paste Letterhead Two into Print Shop
4. Add the following information to the business card: (Save as Business

Name and title of person

Address/phone number of person

Fax #
Email address
Slogan/saying of the company
Grading For Business Card is as follows: (Total possible points --37)

Copy/Paste Letterhead -- 10 points
Name--5 points
Title--5 points
Address--5 points
Phone # --5 points
FAX/email -- 5 points
Slogan -- 2 points

Click here for Drawing Practice.

6. If time, go to SOL Website.