Saturday, October 01, 2005

Parts of a Business Letter

* Parts of a Personal Business Letter*

1. BLOCK STYLE LETTER FORMAT - All parts of the letter begin at the left margin or page guide.

2. LETTERHEAD - is printed stationery paper for business letters. It may include the name of the business, address, phone number, slogan, and/or graphic.

*3. RETURN ADDRESS - is the writer's address (usually 2 lines).

*4. DATELINE - is the current date spelled out.

*5. INSIDE ADDRESS - receiver's name and address. (Their title - Mr., Mrs., & Ms., Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code).

*6. SALUTATION - is the greeting (Dear Mr. Smith).

*7. BODY - Message of the letter (SS the paragraphs with wrap around and DS in between the paragraphs).

*8. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE - Farewell (Ex. Sincerely yours,).

*9. SIGNATURE - Handwritten signature of the person who composed the letter (black ink).

*10. TYPED NAME - Writer's name (typed).

*11. JOB TITLE - Writer's title with the company (optional on a personal business letter. Ex. Debate Club President).

12. REFERENCE INITIALS - Typist's initials keyed in lowercase with no punctuation marks.

13. "ENCLOSURE" - An optional notation (It informs the receiver of additional information in the letter such as tickets, check, or brochure).

14. POSTSCRIPT - An optional message that is often used as an attention-getter or reminder. Typed in paragraph form. (P.S.)


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