Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day 22

Thanks to Eleazar Huerta-Comacho for today's artwork!

1. Do warmup G on your October file. Key for ten minutes. Save file and close.

2. Weather DB records.. Click
here for weather data.

3. Finish personal stationery, Project 68, page 280. You may print after it
is checked.

4. We will learn to use the software program Print Shop. Go through steps of
creating a card. Open Print Shop Deluxe.

Choose greeting card/side fold. Choose
blank page/no layout.

Choose a graphic or change library. Work through row graphics and column graphics.

Choose your own graphics for card. Read through the rest of choices from menu.
Design your own card. Do not print.

5. Letterhead-A business letter represents a company, not an individual, and
is therefore prepared on official company stationery. Include in letterhead:

  3. PHONE #,
  4. FAX #,
6. Do the letterhead "Software Connections". Duplicate the letterhead using drawing tools. No clip art. Save as "letterhead one". Save to printer 1-1 for grade. Be sure name is on paper.

7. Design a letterhead for a company you may own or work for one day. Save
as "letterhead two". Should contain same info. as in "letterhead
one". May use graphics from Print Shop.

8. Print to printer 1-1 for grade but check with me before printing. Make sure your NAME is on the paper as well as the Period Number.

9. If time, go to SOL site.