Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 21

Happy Spooky Day 21! Let's make today the best day ever!

Click here to listen to today's lesson.

1. Warmup F-- open your October File and key Warmup F. Begin when the bell

rings and key for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes have passed, I will call time.
Save file and close.

2.Give weather DB records. Click here for weather data.

3. Your new assignment is Project 65--Page 273. You may choose an appropriate
graphic for the bottom of flyer. (To see clip art... click on File--Show Clippings--Search--Party)

4. Begin Project 66--Page 275. This is a Personal Flyer with clip art. No more
than 2 pieces of clip art allowed in this flyer. The clip art must deal with
the the topic of the flyer. Print 1 to 1. Make sure your name and period number
are on the flyer.

5. Recreate the Personal Stationary on Page 276. Directions are on Page 278.
Edit with spell check.

6. Recreate the Personal Stationary on Page 279.

7. Another new assignment for today is Project 68--Page 280. You will design
your own personal stationary. You may print stationary if you wish for yourself.
Printing is not mandatory.

8. If time, go to SOL Website--
Bookmark this site!! You are to take the Math Sol test.