Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 20

here for an audio recording of your lessons today.

1. Warmup E -- use your October file. Begin keying when the bell rings and
key for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes have passed, I will call time. Save file
and close.

2.Give weather DB records. Click here for weather data.

3. Finish personal flyer page 267, project 63. For students who finished and
printed last period, go to the SOL Website and work on SOL test of choice until rest of class is finished with personal flyer.

4.Your new assignment for today is Project 64 -- page 268--TV project. Please open your book to Pages 268-269. Look at the the final product we are going to create.
  • I will show how to make check marks by using the regular polygon tool from the tool bar
  • I will walk you through drawing the TV. We will be using the Object Info box found under Options>Object Size. Open the Object Size box now.
  • Go to Format > Rulers > Show Rulers. Remember students that V=vertical and H=horizontal. Up and down is Vertical and left to right is Horizontal.
  • For the TV choose the rounded rectangle--Start at 1" V/1" H draw to 5" V/7" H.( 6"x4") For the inside of the TV use the rounded rectangle tool-- start at 1 1/2 H draw to 4 1/2"V/ 6 1/2" H (5"x3")
  • Draw remainder of flyer by yourself.
  • Use serif font for the info in the TV
  • Use sans serif font for the info outside the TV

Grading for this project will be as follows: Total possible points are 28

TV serif Font 2

Centered 2

48 point 2

Bold 2

Accuracy 2


Sans serif Font 2

Smaller Text 2

Initial caps 2


Check marks 2

Colors 2

Spelling 2

Name, Period, Date 4

7. Print to printer-Make sure name is on paper-print one to one

8. If time, go to SOL Website.