Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 19

Good Morning.. good morning .. how are you this morning... Or afternoon. Remember, it is a beautiful day!

1. Warmup D -- You are to begin keying when the bell rings and key for 10 minutes. I will let you know when 10 minutes is up. Save file (October file) and close at that time.

2. Enter the weather in your Weather DB. Click
here for your the weather data.

3. We will read pages 263-264 in the new book. This material concerns information
that should be included on a flyer.

4. I am assigning Project 62 on Page 265. Flyer should look somewhat like the
flyer on Page 263.

5. The next assignment for today is Project 63 on Page 267. Here are your Guidelines:
  • Be creative, do not copy neighbor's paper.
  • NO CLIP ART-Use Draw/Shapes from the Tool Bar.
  • DO NOT copy flyer on page 266 or 263
  • Your name needs to be on the paper
  • Do not use sports events .. no tryouts
  • USE parties, picnics, cookouts, yardsales, church bake sales, etc6.
  • When finished with the flyer, print one to one.

6. After printing you flyer, click
to go to the sol testing site. Choose math test 8.

7. If you finish SOL test, go to World Book or Glencoe Keyboarding.