Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Day 18

Good Morning.. good afternoon!!! Hats off to you.
1. Open October docoment and key Warmup C.

2. Enter data for your Weather DB (10/17/05--70-50-89-56-sunny-none-28.65)

3. Keep Weather DB open we will make the following changes together in class.

1. click on Format>insert Header

2. Use Comic Sans font and put "your name"'s Weather DB

3. return once and type your Period #

4. Change font in database to Courier... save

5. Delete any empty records

6. Go to File>Page setup>choose Landscape

7. Print DB to one ...DO NOT SAVE WHEN YOU QUIT!!!!

8. Your grading will be as follows:

1. 3 points--Landscape

2. 1 point each--each record

3. 1 point --for font

4. 1 point -- for header

4. Finish Cover Pages that were begun last class meeting. Maximum of three drawn
objects. No graphics form library. Make sure name is on cover page. Print one
to one.

5. Design a cover page for computer class. Here are the guidelines. Include
the following items in your Cover Page:

1. Use a Serif font and a Sans serif font

2. Teacher name

3. Room #

4. Period #

5. Date

6. At least one drawn shape

7. One graphic from Library (Show Clippings or Apple 2)

8. Save as "Cover Page-day18)

9. DO NOT PRINT.. I will check it at your computer.

6. You will now receive a handout called Desktop Publishing Guide. We will
go over this study guide in class today.

7. If time, read mataerial on page 263/264--Flyer Information. Your assignment
will be Project 62 on Page 265. Save as "STDP062" in your Documents.
Do not print. I will check on screen.

8. Go to the SOL site .... click
...Do the Math 8 test... 20 questions.

9. After completing the SOL test, do to World Book or Glencoe Keyboarding.