Monday, October 17, 2005

Day 17

1. Open your October file. Do Warmup B ..repeat if finished early.

2. Weather DB--(10/13/05--67-54-86-23-pt.cloudy-none-28.68)(10/14/05--69-60-89-24-sunny-none-28.68)

3. Get out your Graphic Note. Open an Appleworks Draw document. We will practice making shapes from the Tool Bar. We will also cover the following items:
  • Show ruler/guidelines
  • Object information
  • Explain Text Boxes
  • Format/Ruler/Show ruler
  • Options/Object size

4. Open your book to page 257/258. We will learn difference between Serif and Sans Serif font. They are different types of font.

5. Your next assignment is Project 60 on page 259. The Guidelines are in the book. We will go over them together.

6. Your next assignment is Project 61 on page 262. Save it as STDP061. Do not make it the same as page 258!

7. Go to page 260 and do the Note Pad if you are done with your assignment above. Save as NotePad.

8. After printing click here to go to the sol testing site. Choose math or reading test.