Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day 16

1. Warmup -- Key A--(this sheet is at your seat)

2. Weather DB (10/10/05--64-54-92-23-Cloudy-Rain-28.13)
Then Open your book to page 232 and type WP048. Please save them as WP048 in your documents.

3. We will begin Your Career Story in Word Processing (See Handouts)--Go over Title pages p. 155 together

4. Assign Project 13 and Print with Name, date, and period

5. Begin Desktop Publishing p. 250-251. Go over drawing tools functions.

6. Open up Appleworks Word Processing. Add the tools by clicking on Windows-Show tools. Go to File-library-Business images and put a pencil in the document. Make sure the arrow is highlighted before adding a picture, otherwise the picture will be treated as text. Click on the Pencil and then click on the Arrange menu and choose free rotate.

7. Check to see if students can make their pencil rotate.

8. Draw a picture and try to use all the tools.

9. Draw your dream home layout with your computer, TV etc.


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