Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 15

1. Warm up -- Open your October document -- Pages 104 - 105 lines 1 - 23

2. Please open your Weather DB and enter the following data: 10/7/05--65-56-91-23-Cloudy-Rain-28.13.
Also enter a second record for 10/10/05--64-54-92-23-Cloudy-Rain-28.13

3. We will review Identifying Letter Parts then take a Test. Please click
for an online practice.

4. Open your book to page 232 and type WP048. Also type page 234-235 WP050.
Please save them as WP048 AND WPO50 in your documents.

5. Please click here and
take an 8th grade Math Test. Click on Math, click on the first link (Jefferson
Lab SOL Math Tests)

6. If anyone finished work, you may go to the World Book or Glencoe Keyboarding.