Monday, October 31, 2005

Day 23

1. Warmup H--Begin a November file. Begin keying when the bell rings and key
for 10 minutes.When 10 minutes have passed, save file and close.

2. Enter data in your Weather DB--click
here for data

3. See previous lesson--we are still working on letterheads.

4. If finished with letterheads, begin Drawing Practice--click here for Drawing

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day 22

Thanks to Eleazar Huerta-Comacho for today's artwork!

1. Do warmup G on your October file. Key for ten minutes. Save file and close.

2. Weather DB records.. Click
here for weather data.

3. Finish personal stationery, Project 68, page 280. You may print after it
is checked.

4. We will learn to use the software program Print Shop. Go through steps of
creating a card. Open Print Shop Deluxe.

Choose greeting card/side fold. Choose
blank page/no layout.

Choose a graphic or change library. Work through row graphics and column graphics.

Choose your own graphics for card. Read through the rest of choices from menu.
Design your own card. Do not print.

5. Letterhead-A business letter represents a company, not an individual, and
is therefore prepared on official company stationery. Include in letterhead:

  3. PHONE #,
  4. FAX #,
6. Do the letterhead "Software Connections". Duplicate the letterhead using drawing tools. No clip art. Save as "letterhead one". Save to printer 1-1 for grade. Be sure name is on paper.

7. Design a letterhead for a company you may own or work for one day. Save
as "letterhead two". Should contain same info. as in "letterhead
one". May use graphics from Print Shop.

8. Print to printer 1-1 for grade but check with me before printing. Make sure your NAME is on the paper as well as the Period Number.

9. If time, go to SOL site.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 21

Happy Spooky Day 21! Let's make today the best day ever!

Click here to listen to today's lesson.

1. Warmup F-- open your October File and key Warmup F. Begin when the bell

rings and key for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes have passed, I will call time.
Save file and close.

2.Give weather DB records. Click here for weather data.

3. Your new assignment is Project 65--Page 273. You may choose an appropriate
graphic for the bottom of flyer. (To see clip art... click on File--Show Clippings--Search--Party)

4. Begin Project 66--Page 275. This is a Personal Flyer with clip art. No more
than 2 pieces of clip art allowed in this flyer. The clip art must deal with
the the topic of the flyer. Print 1 to 1. Make sure your name and period number
are on the flyer.

5. Recreate the Personal Stationary on Page 276. Directions are on Page 278.
Edit with spell check.

6. Recreate the Personal Stationary on Page 279.

7. Another new assignment for today is Project 68--Page 280. You will design
your own personal stationary. You may print stationary if you wish for yourself.
Printing is not mandatory.

8. If time, go to SOL Website--
Bookmark this site!! You are to take the Math Sol test.

Day 20

here for an audio recording of your lessons today.

1. Warmup E -- use your October file. Begin keying when the bell rings and
key for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes have passed, I will call time. Save file
and close.

2.Give weather DB records. Click here for weather data.

3. Finish personal flyer page 267, project 63. For students who finished and
printed last period, go to the SOL Website and work on SOL test of choice until rest of class is finished with personal flyer.

4.Your new assignment for today is Project 64 -- page 268--TV project. Please open your book to Pages 268-269. Look at the the final product we are going to create.
  • I will show how to make check marks by using the regular polygon tool from the tool bar
  • I will walk you through drawing the TV. We will be using the Object Info box found under Options>Object Size. Open the Object Size box now.
  • Go to Format > Rulers > Show Rulers. Remember students that V=vertical and H=horizontal. Up and down is Vertical and left to right is Horizontal.
  • For the TV choose the rounded rectangle--Start at 1" V/1" H draw to 5" V/7" H.( 6"x4") For the inside of the TV use the rounded rectangle tool-- start at 1 1/2 H draw to 4 1/2"V/ 6 1/2" H (5"x3")
  • Draw remainder of flyer by yourself.
  • Use serif font for the info in the TV
  • Use sans serif font for the info outside the TV

Grading for this project will be as follows: Total possible points are 28

TV serif Font 2

Centered 2

48 point 2

Bold 2

Accuracy 2


Sans serif Font 2

Smaller Text 2

Initial caps 2


Check marks 2

Colors 2

Spelling 2

Name, Period, Date 4

7. Print to printer-Make sure name is on paper-print one to one

8. If time, go to SOL Website.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 19

Good Morning.. good morning .. how are you this morning... Or afternoon. Remember, it is a beautiful day!

1. Warmup D -- You are to begin keying when the bell rings and key for 10 minutes. I will let you know when 10 minutes is up. Save file (October file) and close at that time.

2. Enter the weather in your Weather DB. Click
here for your the weather data.

3. We will read pages 263-264 in the new book. This material concerns information
that should be included on a flyer.

4. I am assigning Project 62 on Page 265. Flyer should look somewhat like the
flyer on Page 263.

5. The next assignment for today is Project 63 on Page 267. Here are your Guidelines:
  • Be creative, do not copy neighbor's paper.
  • NO CLIP ART-Use Draw/Shapes from the Tool Bar.
  • DO NOT copy flyer on page 266 or 263
  • Your name needs to be on the paper
  • Do not use sports events .. no tryouts
  • USE parties, picnics, cookouts, yardsales, church bake sales, etc6.
  • When finished with the flyer, print one to one.

6. After printing you flyer, click
to go to the sol testing site. Choose math test 8.

7. If you finish SOL test, go to World Book or Glencoe Keyboarding.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Day 18

Good Morning.. good afternoon!!! Hats off to you.
1. Open October docoment and key Warmup C.

2. Enter data for your Weather DB (10/17/05--70-50-89-56-sunny-none-28.65)

3. Keep Weather DB open we will make the following changes together in class.

1. click on Format>insert Header

2. Use Comic Sans font and put "your name"'s Weather DB

3. return once and type your Period #

4. Change font in database to Courier... save

5. Delete any empty records

6. Go to File>Page setup>choose Landscape

7. Print DB to one ...DO NOT SAVE WHEN YOU QUIT!!!!

8. Your grading will be as follows:

1. 3 points--Landscape

2. 1 point each--each record

3. 1 point --for font

4. 1 point -- for header

4. Finish Cover Pages that were begun last class meeting. Maximum of three drawn
objects. No graphics form library. Make sure name is on cover page. Print one
to one.

5. Design a cover page for computer class. Here are the guidelines. Include
the following items in your Cover Page:

1. Use a Serif font and a Sans serif font

2. Teacher name

3. Room #

4. Period #

5. Date

6. At least one drawn shape

7. One graphic from Library (Show Clippings or Apple 2)

8. Save as "Cover Page-day18)

9. DO NOT PRINT.. I will check it at your computer.

6. You will now receive a handout called Desktop Publishing Guide. We will
go over this study guide in class today.

7. If time, read mataerial on page 263/264--Flyer Information. Your assignment
will be Project 62 on Page 265. Save as "STDP062" in your Documents.
Do not print. I will check on screen.

8. Go to the SOL site .... click
...Do the Math 8 test... 20 questions.

9. After completing the SOL test, do to World Book or Glencoe Keyboarding.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Day 17

1. Open your October file. Do Warmup B ..repeat if finished early.

2. Weather DB--(10/13/05--67-54-86-23-pt.cloudy-none-28.68)(10/14/05--69-60-89-24-sunny-none-28.68)

3. Get out your Graphic Note. Open an Appleworks Draw document. We will practice making shapes from the Tool Bar. We will also cover the following items:
  • Show ruler/guidelines
  • Object information
  • Explain Text Boxes
  • Format/Ruler/Show ruler
  • Options/Object size

4. Open your book to page 257/258. We will learn difference between Serif and Sans Serif font. They are different types of font.

5. Your next assignment is Project 60 on page 259. The Guidelines are in the book. We will go over them together.

6. Your next assignment is Project 61 on page 262. Save it as STDP061. Do not make it the same as page 258!

7. Go to page 260 and do the Note Pad if you are done with your assignment above. Save as NotePad.

8. After printing click here to go to the sol testing site. Choose math or reading test.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day 16

1. Warmup -- Key A--(this sheet is at your seat)

2. Weather DB (10/10/05--64-54-92-23-Cloudy-Rain-28.13)
Then Open your book to page 232 and type WP048. Please save them as WP048 in your documents.

3. We will begin Your Career Story in Word Processing (See Handouts)--Go over Title pages p. 155 together

4. Assign Project 13 and Print with Name, date, and period

5. Begin Desktop Publishing p. 250-251. Go over drawing tools functions.

6. Open up Appleworks Word Processing. Add the tools by clicking on Windows-Show tools. Go to File-library-Business images and put a pencil in the document. Make sure the arrow is highlighted before adding a picture, otherwise the picture will be treated as text. Click on the Pencil and then click on the Arrange menu and choose free rotate.

7. Check to see if students can make their pencil rotate.

8. Draw a picture and try to use all the tools.

9. Draw your dream home layout with your computer, TV etc.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 15

1. Warm up -- Open your October document -- Pages 104 - 105 lines 1 - 23

2. Please open your Weather DB and enter the following data: 10/7/05--65-56-91-23-Cloudy-Rain-28.13.
Also enter a second record for 10/10/05--64-54-92-23-Cloudy-Rain-28.13

3. We will review Identifying Letter Parts then take a Test. Please click
for an online practice.

4. Open your book to page 232 and type WP048. Also type page 234-235 WP050.
Please save them as WP048 AND WPO50 in your documents.

5. Please click here and
take an 8th grade Math Test. Click on Math, click on the first link (Jefferson
Lab SOL Math Tests)

6. If anyone finished work, you may go to the World Book or Glencoe Keyboarding.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Parts of a Business Letter

* Parts of a Personal Business Letter*

1. BLOCK STYLE LETTER FORMAT - All parts of the letter begin at the left margin or page guide.

2. LETTERHEAD - is printed stationery paper for business letters. It may include the name of the business, address, phone number, slogan, and/or graphic.

*3. RETURN ADDRESS - is the writer's address (usually 2 lines).

*4. DATELINE - is the current date spelled out.

*5. INSIDE ADDRESS - receiver's name and address. (Their title - Mr., Mrs., & Ms., Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code).

*6. SALUTATION - is the greeting (Dear Mr. Smith).

*7. BODY - Message of the letter (SS the paragraphs with wrap around and DS in between the paragraphs).

*8. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE - Farewell (Ex. Sincerely yours,).

*9. SIGNATURE - Handwritten signature of the person who composed the letter (black ink).

*10. TYPED NAME - Writer's name (typed).

*11. JOB TITLE - Writer's title with the company (optional on a personal business letter. Ex. Debate Club President).

12. REFERENCE INITIALS - Typist's initials keyed in lowercase with no punctuation marks.

13. "ENCLOSURE" - An optional notation (It informs the receiver of additional information in the letter such as tickets, check, or brochure).

14. POSTSCRIPT - An optional message that is often used as an attention-getter or reminder. Typed in paragraph form. (P.S.)


1. Warmup the with November file. Begin keying when the bell rings and key for 10 minutes. I will call time when 10 minutes are up. Save your file and close.

2. Enter weather DB info.

3. Return study guides to folders.

4. Take desktop publishing test on-line
password d119
Enter your first and last name.

5. Take test. There are random questions. The computer will give your grade at the end of the test.

6. When you finish, quit out of the internet, come to desk and get drawing test - create a flyer. Be sure to get the test with your computer number on it.

7. When finished, print to black/white printer

8. Return flyer guidelines to desk.

9. Continue to work on menu project.


Directions for Certificate of Achievement

1. Certificate Type -- ACHIEVEMENT

2. Change the word We to the word I

3. Subject -- Desktop Publishing

4. The date

5. Signature - Mr. Hostetter Title -- Teacher
Parent/Guradian Name Title Parent/Guardian



8. Increase the size of the title to size 50

9. Increase the size of the words "I hereby present" to size 18

10. Increase the size of your name to 36

11. Increase the size of the paragraph to 24 and center it

12. Increase the size of the signatures to 14

13. Do not change the size of the titles

14. Select one appropriate graphic from the library. Replace the yellow seal with the graphic you choose.